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Complimentary PEO Consultation
Free Consultation: How Much Time Are You Wasting Managing HR, Payroll, and Benefits For Your Company? See How To Outsource Non-core Business Functions and Start Focusing on Your Business Again
Americas Back Office makes it easy for busy executives, owners, and entrepreneur's to get back to doing what they do best: growing their business.
"I started up a small company 2 years ago and I knew I needed help creating infrastructure in my new organization. I am an expert in my field, but I realized quickly I needed help in setting up my company. I heard a radio advertisement one day and called America's Back Office. They were instrumental in helping me create processes that would have taken me months to complete. It took them under a week to get my small firm up and running, making sure I was compliant in every way I could think of and others that honestly hadn't crossed my mind. It has made the past 2 years incredibly easy for me to just focus on just selling accounts and running the day to day operations.  ━Mike, Owner and President
"We came aboard with ABO on January 1st 2018 and it has been a wonderful experience. First, ABO made the transition smooth and seamless. All our payrolls have been correct and on-time. One of the best things about working with ABO is the Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare plan they offer. JoAnn and her team have done an excellent job explaining the benefits to employees, onboarding the employees and taking care of all the Administration. We now can offer a very competitive benefit package to our employees. Also it has allowed me to focus on growing our company and not the day to day headache of payroll and HR". ━Amanda, GM of Operations
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